Residential Systems

Residential Systems

Keep your house and home secure with a professionally installed and maintained Intruder Alarm System

Our surveyor will visit your home and conduct a free no obligation risk assessment and discuss the best home security system for your individual needs and any insurance requirements. Many insurance policies may stipulate the installation of an alarm being installed by a PSA approved installer and often offer a discount on the receipt of NSAI compliance certification. For a monitored system to receive Garda response this is mandatory.

On completion of our security survey we will send you a detailed quotation, discuss any options and concerns you may have and arrange installation if accepted. After installation our engineer will guide you in the use of your home alarm until you are confident, all our alarm systems are very user friendly and our office staff are fully trained if you ever need any help.

From the smallest to the largest residence your alarm system and the installation will comply with the relevant regulations, we only install high quality HKC alarms. [ Link to HKC]

The addition of fire, smoke, carbon monoxide detectors and panic alarms can be included if required. Alarm systems for the home can be fully integrated with CCTV, access systems and perimeter security.


Bells /Audible only Home Alarms

If your alarm is triggered many intruders will make a quick exit with a high pitched internal siren and external siren activated. With an audible only alarm this is the end of the story unless neighbours or a passer-by reports a crime taking place. The sirens will cease in 15 minutes and the alarm will reset omitting the previously activated sensor.

Monitored Home Alarms                                                                                

Monitored alarms allow you, your key holders or our ARC (Alarm receiving centre) to be alerted if your alarm is activated. The most suitable monitoring will depend on budget, the risk level and insurance requirements. Guaranteed response from the emergency services requires monitoring via an ARC. Please see monitoring for further information.

Wired or Wireless Home Alarms

The current high end wireless alarm components are now every bit as reliable as their hard wired counterparts. From 2011 the majority of residential alarms we now install are wireless or a hybrid consisting of wired and wireless alarm components. Although NSAI approved wireless hardware is more expensive this is usually balanced out with savings in labour costs and a very unobtrusive installation. 
Our surveyor or office staff will be happy to advise you further.