For round the clock alarm monitoring security systems can be connected to and monitored by a receiving centre (ARC).

Only professionally installed and maintained alarm systems can be connected to an ARC. Choosing O' Mahony Security gives you access to a wide range of monitoring services which means that signals sent to the ARC from your system will be dealt with in the appropriate manner, whether it’s a fire, intruder, panic or open or close signal, you know that your alarm will not be ignored even if you are not around to hear it yourself. If necessary the emergency services will be contacted.


The following monitoring services are available dependent upon the level of risk and budget.

 Voice Message 

This is the simplest means of monitoring, using an existing phone line upon activation of the alarm will send a voice message to you  or your nominated key holders. This method is not suitable to summon the emergency services.

Digital Communicator

This is single path signalling and is a cost effective way of monitoring and probably the most widely used. The digital communicator can either be connected to an existing phone line or a dedicated line for more security. Upon activation of the alarm it sends alarm signals to the ARC. The operator at the ARC will then take the appropriate action depending on the type of signal received. The ARC can call the Garda and key holders subject to the system meeting the required standards or the key holders only.

GSM Signalling.

GSM - SC unit is supplied with worldwide SIM. The unit communicates with SecureComm cloud based solutions via the HKC append Smart Link 700 software.

All alarms from your system report to your smart phones .You can control your system via SMS text commands. The unit can send voice and or text messages. 

O' Mahony Security use MCM and TOP Security Monitoring Services  to provide our monitoring services, we have been working in close partnership with both for over 20 years.

 In order to gain emergency service response the alarm system must meet the current regulations. The Garda will only attend if the activation can be ‘confirmed’. To achieve confirmation 2 separate detectors must be activated within a given time frame.